Martijn Willemsen Martijn Willemsen researches the cognitive aspects of Human-Technology Interaction, with a strong focus on judgment and decision making in online environments. His applied research focuses on how online decisions can be supported by recommender systems, and includes domains such as movies, health related decisions and energy-saving measures. From a more theoretical perspective, he has a special interest in process tracing technologies to capture and analyze in detail information processing of decision makers.


Currently, Martijn teaches in the bachelor's program in Psychology and Technology and the master's program in Human-Technology Interaction at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is also involved in several courses of the Data Science BSc. and MSc. program. His teaching includes the following courses:
  • Thinking and Deciding
    This bachelor course covers the basics Cognitive psychology and Decision Making. This course is given for second year B.Sc. students (course code: 0HV60).
  • Creative Thinking and Cognition Science
    Within the data Science BSc. program, Martijn teaching Creative Thinking, a first year course that introduces Data Science to cognitive science topics. In the MSc. Data Science and enterpreneurship, he teaches the course Creative Thinking and Innovative Design.
  • Supercrunchers
    This master course that is part of the Human-Technology master aims to give students an in-depth understanding of the literature on model-based versus human decision making, and the consequences this issue has on the involved actors and society. It uses the book SuperCrunchers by Ayres as a starting point.


Students in our bachelors and masters program do several research projects. For an overview of recent Master thesis projects, follow this link.
Master thesis projects guided by Martijn Willemsen